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Neets AV Control AlFa
Neets Control - AlFa

Networked Control for Large AV Systems


  • Rack mounted control system - Compact 1U 19” frame installs quickly in minimum space.

  • Built-in web server - Controls all system functions via Apple iOS or Android touchscreen devices, or via Safari or Chrome web browsers.

  • Expanded feedback functions - Connect more feedback-capable devices through three bidirectional RS-232 ports.

  • Four test buttons - Check function of built-in relays, including two dedicated for “screen mode”.

  • Control for complex systems - Control additional equipment such as lighting, audio volume, HVAC and other systems, including level adjustment.

  • Dedicated relays for screen mode - Mutual blocking ensures screen motor security.

  • No front panel controls - Prevents unintentional changes by end users.

  • LED indication - Displays status of system power, built-in relays, and communication port activity.

  • Easy configuration through USB, LAN or RS-232.

Neets Control – AlFa provides comprehensive yet intuitive control of complex AV systems in auditoriums and large conference rooms. The largest and most sophisticated controller in the Neets product range, AlFa installs quickly, is easily configured, and provides end users with one-touch control of a multitude of AV and additional device functions.

All functions controllable by AlFa are available via a touch-screen panel on an Apple iOS or Android mobile device, or by a computer running Safari or Chrome web browsers. Custom graphical interfaces for even the most complex control requirements can be quickly configured using the Neets Project Editor software. All connected devices are controlled through RS-232, IR, LAN or dedicated I/O. With LAN access enabled, complete systems can be controlled from another room or even off site.

The compact, 1U rack mount frame provides status monitoring with front panel LED indicators, and the rear panel allows easy access for connecting all necessary cables for control and configuration. Wiring terminations employ plug-in Euroblock connectors (except for a CLIFFCON® connector for screen mode relays), ensuring that installation and servicing of Neets Control – AlFa will be straightforward, fast and efficient.

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