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Neets AV Control BraVo
Neets Control - BraVo

Flexible, Reliable and Affordable AV Control


  • The most affordable Neets system - A smarter, budget-friendly alternative to “loose” IR remotes.

  • Four configurable control buttons - Program features for exact requirements.

  • Attractive key panel - Blends seamlessly with classroom interior.

  • Easy system configuration - Quick access by front-panel USB connector.

  • Turn projector on and select source with one button - Fast and foolproof presentation start-up.

  • LED status indication - Identifies active source or function.

  • Fast and easy installation - Fits in standard wall outlet box (DK or EU).

  • RS-232 and dedicated I/O - Controls both projector and external devices.

Until now, many schools have chosen not to specify a permanent AV control system due to the high costs for the hardware, configuration and installation. Unfortunately, this often results in wasted time and frustrated instructors. Teaching staff must rely on supplied IR remote controls, but these are often misplaced or fail to function because of damage or dead batteries. Also, when the instructors use different projector models installed in multiple classrooms, they must remember different IR button layouts. In addition, projector IR remotes cannot control external functions such as PIR motion sensing or external amplifier mute.

BraVo eliminates these frustrations with an intelligent and affordable alternative. With its straightforward design, fast installation and simple configuration, BraVo offers a complete solution with an unprecedented price/performance ratio. The control panel fits neatly in standard outlet boxes, and wiring takes only a few minutes using Euroblock plug-in connectors. Configuration is simple and intuitive using Neets’ Project Editor software, which incorporates a driver database for more than 2,000 AV devices. When the program is set, functions for each room can be downloaded into BraVo in a matter of seconds through a front USB port (accessed by removing the front-panel cover).

For the end user, BraVo offers flexible control with the utmost simplicity of operation. All buttons can be configured for identical operation in each classroom, even when different projectors are installed. One button can be configured to turn the projector on and selected the desired source. An internal clock can be configures for auto off after a selected time interval, or the clock can work with an external PIR sensor to power off the system when no motion detected for a specified time. In every respect, Neets Control - BraVo is a solution that’s “just smarter.”

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