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WOW Vision miniVEOS
WOW Vision - miniVEOS

The miniVEOS, modeled after the proVEOS, carries the basic functions of wireless collaboration, with an added consideration for scalability. Special features can be implemented via upgrades, should the need for them arise. Designed for discerning Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) who want to experience the power of VEOS, the miniVEOS is comfortably priced for easy implementation and integration.

Wireless Presentation: This feature allows a presenter to send their desktop image to a display projector without the need for a VGA cable. We can move seamlessly from one presenter to the next allowing you to get more done and to keep the rest of the class engaged.

YouTube Video Streaming: We know how important it is to be compatible with the world’s number one video streaming site, so we have made sure you can play YouTube videos directly on a room projector or display.

>HD Live Video Streaming: If you are concerned that HD files are not going to work, then no need – VEOS enables each presenter to stream a High Def video file up to 1080p to the projector – no quality lost and no time wasted.

Security High Encryption: Of course, we understand that there are security issues to be considered which is why VEOS boasts an encrypted (1024 bit key) presentation between presenter and display. That means your private files are protected from unwanted traffic.

Scaling: With VEOS, you don’t have to worry about that problem of your display resolution not matching that of the projector. We’ve made it easy to scale up or scale down your display resolution until it looks just right.

Easy switching between users: At WOW we understand that the flow of your lesson does not need to be interrupted whilst you get all technical with cables and switchers, so we have made it so easy to switch between presenters. Just one click will do it.

Apple MAC Support: Students of today have an ever growing variety of hardware which needs to be compatible with the classroom technology. VEOS has made sure that no one is left out by allowing Apple MAC users to participate in presentations.

Quad display support: Unique to VEOS, up to 4 presenters can display simultaneously to the common display. This gives you, the teacher, a greater scope of lesson planning and teaching tools at your disposal.

OfficePlus is the authorized partner of WOW-Vision in the UAE. Send in your enquiry at to simplify your collaboration needs.

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