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Vidyo Personal Telepresence Solution
Vidyo Components

The VidyoPortal is a Web–based environment administrators can use to manage the VidyoConferencing™ system. More...

At the heart of the VidyoConferencing system is the VidyoRouter, a breakthrough in video conferencing technology that introduces the first major architectural change in decades.More...

All traditional video conferencing vendors offer HD room systems, but do you know of any that are capable of delivering 60 fps encoding? More...

Vidyo Desktop - Yes, it's finally happened! Vidyo makes a quality video conferencing experience available on the desktop.More...

The VidyoGateway supports H.264 SVC, H.264/AVC up to HD and H.263 video conferencing, G.711, G.722, SIP and H.323 signaling, as well as H.239 data sharing.More...

VidyoOne delivers all of the hardware and software components required for desktop conferencing in a single 1U appliance at a single fixed price, making it easy and affordable for any organization to deploy their own VidyoConferencing solution.More...

Vidyo Proxy - Video Conferencing Network SecurityMore...

At OfficePlus we are pleased to bring these same technological benefits to business and institutions in the UAE.

As an authorised reseller of Vidyo our customers can be assured of great support and access to the entire product portfolio extending all the way from the home-office desktop up to the dedicated corporate video-conferencing facility. The dedicated team at OfficePlus has over a decade's experience in addressing the rich media communication market in United Arab Emirates. We can help you design and plan an independant Vidyo environment or a mixed environment where both Vidyo and legacy videoconferencing systems interoperate seamlessly. Vidyo's products have all been designed to take advantage of an organization’s existing IP infrastructure — with no dedicated networks required. And yet Vidyo still manages to surpass the quality of video communications as we’ve known them to date — and at just a fraction of the cost. By addressing the performance, cost, ease-of-use, and networking issues associated with traditional conferencing solutions, Vidyo has at long last made broad-based video communications affordable for both enterprises and consumer applications alike.

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