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The VidyoPortal is a Web–based environment administrators can use to manage the VidyoConferencing™ system. And it’s so incredibly straightforward, in fact, that even ordinary conference participants can use it to initiate meetings – via the Web – from anywhere. VidyoPortal´s flexible interface features single–click–action buttons that take care of everything required to initiate a conference.

Also, regardless of whatever endpoint system you might happen to be using, VidyoPortal provides a consistent environment that’s compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

For end users, the portal can be accessed through a range of endpoints that run VidyoDesktop™ or VidyoRoom™. For first–time users, there’s a simple, secure HTTPS sign–in or authentication procedure. Guest users can also be allowed access to the system, assuming organization policies permit that. All functions required to initiate or join a video conference are supported, including:

  • Adding participants to a conference

  • Invite users and guests to join your meeting using clickable links

  • Invite participants via default email link

  • Defining calling features, such as speed–dial

  • Searching or browsing for other users

  • Setting personal account preferences

  • Define pin codes for restricted meeting access

For administrators, the VidyoPortal serves as a central management environment offering abilities to:

  • Set system–wide parameters and policies

  • Establish end–user and association privileges

  • Control and customize user conferencing capabilities

  • Support for LDAP/Active Directory

  • Assign user groups and tenants to VidyoRouter pools to optimize bandwidth usage and network delays

The VidyoPortal can also be partitioned for multi-tenant use for CSPs or global organizations wishing to establish tenants for external groups such as partners, vendors and other strategic relationships.

And for MS Office Communicator users, you can by–pass the portal and access the VidyoDesktop client directly from your MOC contact list using Vidyo´s MOC plug–in. Read the data sheet about Vidyo and Microsoft Integrations.

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