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All traditional video conferencing vendors offer HD room systems, but do you know of any that are capable of delivering 60 fps encoding? The VidyoRoom HD–220 can do that and decode and display multiple HD participants as well – and all at a level of video quality unequaled by systems that require dedicated bandwidth to perform at their best. Yet the VidyoRoom was designed specifically for use with general–purpose IP networks.

Our entry level VidyoRoom HD–100 encodes 720p @ 30 fps, and decodes HD at 30 fps. The HD–100 can display a shared application on a second monitor. The VidyoRoom endpoints are all x86 based systems that use the same software base as our VidyoDesktop™ clients.

The VidyoRoom system is simple to use, easy to configure and displays video in multiple layouts — voice–activated with continuous presence, all participants equal, or any combination of these. And each participant may dynamically change their layout at any time during the meeting independently from any other participant. Flexible conference control options make it a snap to manage, using either the VidyoPortal™ or a remote control device.

And because video conferencing ought to be a natural extension of the way people normally work, the VidyoRoom interoperates seamlessly with VidyoDesktop clients, making it possible for people to join a conference from their home office or wherever else they might happen to be. To see how the HD VidyoRoom and other components in Vidyo´s comprehensive VidyoConferencing™ solution will work in your environment, please contact us for a demo.

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