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Teliris 6G Telepresence
Teliris 6G Telepresence

Introducing Teliris 6G
Teliris new agile platform fundamentally changes the way telepresence works, allowing you to now affordably deploy true telepresence broadly across your organization in ways and places like never before.

Teliris 6G Telepresence is the first-ever truly affordable platform that extends an uncompromised experience to locations anywhere in the world by dramatically reducing bandwidth and related costs. The new platform is a standards-based client-server software solution, takes telepresence from the heavy, hardware-reliant, high bandwidth systems typical of other vendors to a light-weight, agile solution that delivers immersive telepresence through general purpose networks, while maintaining the high-quality natural meeting experience for which Teliris has always been known.

Broadest Portfolio
Teliris has the broadest suite of telepresence products ranging from desktop solutions to boardroom and custom systems.

Less Bandwidth
Teliris' 6G platform extends telepresence affordably to far-reaching locations anywhere in the world by radically reducing both bandwidth costs and network complexity

Any Network
Teliris 6G Telepresence is delivered simply over general purpose networks, eliminating the need for engineered CoS-heavy networks which have historically accounted for 40% of the cost of telepresence. The solution reaches over 200 countries and is based on Best-Effort CoS MPLS technology. This option significantly lowers the cost incurred in purchasing highly engineered local access facilities. The combined solutions deliver a high quality meeting experience with 25% - 50% less bandwidth vs. competitive solutions.

Any Environment
Central to the Teliris 6G platform is its rate adaption technology that significantly enhances network efficiency by dynamically managing frame rate, resolution, image quality and bandwidth. The experience at each endpoint is independently adjusted as network conditions vary.

Connects to Any System
Teliris provides comprehensive interoperability solutions to the telepresence interoperability challenge through a layered approach and feature rich technology set, delivering the promise of telepresence - securely and reliably - without compromise. Interoperability requires a layered approach to solve the connection of dissimilar systems, over diverse networks, using different telepresence experiences offered by varying vendors.

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