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LifeSize Icon Series
LifeSize Icon Series

The Experience Begins with You—Video Conferencing Fundamentally Transformed

The LifeSize Icon Series is a line of video systems designed around your experience. Accelerate effective, face-to-face business discussions with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. Access the powerful video applications of the LifeSize UVC Platform through the radically simplified user experience of the LifeSize Icon Series. Representing the culmination of years of innovation and purposeful design, the LifeSize Icon Series delivers the Smart Video experience—frustration-free video conferencing at an unbeatable value so you can focus on what matters the most—your business.

Your Radically Simplified Video Experience

LifeSize Icon systems are designed for a radically simplified user experience. Always know your schedule of video calls. Get helpful reminders if you’re running late for a video conference. Easily find and join conference calls with many people. Quickly search for and find business contacts to collaborate with over video. Record and stream important discussions. All these capabilities and more are easily available to you via the new user experience. And if you need more capabilities down the road, simply contact your IT support team to enable the features and applications you need. We have designed the LifeSize Icon Series for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

Integrated with the LifeSize® UVC Platform™

The LifeSize Icon Series system lets you experience the benefits of powerful, integrated infrastructure applications powered by the LifeSize UVC Platform. Simplified setup and provisioning allows IT teams to turn on streaming and recording capabilities, manage the network, securely traverse NAT/firewalls, support multiparty video calls and enable new video functionality quickly as your needs change.

Expandable and Flexible

LifeSize delivers extraordinary price/performance leadership in the LifeSize Icon Series. We designed this series to adapt to your changing business needs, which is why we offer the ability to upgrade software and accessories at any time. Whether you’d like to expand your environment with multiple displays, upgrade your performance or add new functionality, LifeSize Icon Series offers investment protection to future-proof your growing business.

Highest Performance, Most Powerful Experience

Enjoy the most advanced, highest performing HD video conferencing experience available. HD 1080p60 video support provides ultimate clarity and fluid motion, while the 1080p presentation capability showcases unmatched detail for promoting collaboration.

System Components

LifeSize Icon 600 video system
LifeSize Camera 10x or LifeSize Camera 200
LifeSize Digital MicPod
Remote control
Power supply/cables

Call us today (+971 2 6767019) for more information. For an immediate quotation of LifeSize Icon Series systems please send in your enquiry with your details to As a certified reseller of LifeSize our customers are assured of great support, right from product demonstration, installation and ongoing support.

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