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WolfVision Cynap

Effective presentation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing

When you’ve got something to say, we believe it is important, that getting your message across, and making an impact, should be as easy as possible. Our aim is to help you to explain it better, to give you the freedom to share your knowledge and collaborate with others – however you want, and whenever you want, when your audience is in the same room, or on the other side of the world. Because knowledge matters – to all of us.

Pioneering communication. Just like in the human brain where synapses are essential for rapid processing and transmission of information, the WolfVision Cynap presentation and collaboration system, is a powerful, multi-functional, flexible interface, providing quick and easy access to information of all types from any source.

Media player: Information on demand Cynap can play, display, record, and stream all commonly used media simultaneously, providing incredible versatility during meetings, lectures, and collaborative sessions. Information is easily available, whether stored locally or in the cloud - without many of the limitations often found on other devices, and files are also accessible for playback using a connected USB stick. 

Webcasting: Efficient knowledge sharing Lecture or meeting content can be streamed live or on demand via a streaming server. This allows remote students or meeting participants to access information regardless of geographic location. Deploying a streaming server, either locally or on the Internet, has the added benefit that streams can be easily transcoded, and delivered to audiences of any size, in multiple formats. 

Bring your own device (BYOD) The Cynap System offers an all-in-one wirelessBYOD solution, suitable for smartphones, tablets and laptops alike. Using an iOS, Android, Windows or Mac device enables information to be accessed from almost any source. AirPlay and Miracast mirroring is supported, and up to 4 different devices can connect wirelessly to Cynap, and display onscreen content simultaneously in up to 4K UHD output resolution. 

Powerful video recording The Cynap System features video recording functionality which can capture all presentation and lecture content. All types of content materials are captured in high definition, and saved either internally, or to a connected USB stick. With Cynap, flexible recording of multisource, multimedia educational content materials, for online, on-demand usage, is easier than ever before.

OfficePlus is the authorized partner of WolfVision in the UAE. Send in your enquiry at cynap@officeplusuae.com to simplify your collaboration and information sharing needs.


WolfVision Cynap Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solution
WolfVision Cynap: BYOD collaboration solution
Part Numbers and different variations
Part NumberDescription
102019Cynap - Version A
102019 BCynap - Version B (HDBaseT IN)
102019 CCynap - Version C (HDBaseT OUT)
102019 DCynap - Version D (HDBaseT IN&OUT)