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Evoko Meeting Room Manager
How does Evoko take the hassle out of booking meeting rooms?

I am sure all of us responsible for booking or finding vacant meeting rooms in the past have uttered words like "Let me see if I can find a free room"; we also might have barged into an ongoing meeting room and said "ooops, sorry, I thought this room was free” or apologized for forgetting to cancel a booking after the meeting was called off.

The Evoko Room Manager booking system is used by companies and organizations that want to avoid all the usual hassle and misunderstandings that can disturb meetings or lead to rooms standing needlessly empty. Evoko Room Manager makes the status of the room perfectly clear, and displays on a touch-sensitive screen outside the door whether a room is free or not. It shows also who has booked it and when.

The system is based on Outlook (MS Exchange Server), and this makes it easy to use. Furthermore, installing the system is as easy as adding a new employee on the company server. No extra server is needed, no new software needs to be installed on the Exchange server, and there is no plug-in to install in Outlook, something that is unique to Evoko Room Manager. Book in Outlook or directly on the touch-sensitive screen. The procedure is based on making a booking in Outlook, using one’s own computer, and the booking immediately appears on the touch-sensitive screen at the meeting room for everyone to see. The screen also displays which time slots are free. Green or red background illumination visible from a distance shows whether the room is free or occupied.

A booking during the next hours can be made directly on the touch-sensitive screen with a simple touch. An ongoing meeting can be simply extended in the same manner, or a meeting can be ended before the scheduled time, freeing the room for colleagues. Bookings further into the future, however, are always made using Outlook.

We at OfficePlus are extremely excited to launch Evoko Meeting Room Manager systems here in the UAE. It has become clear that there is a major desire for simpler and clearer room-booking routines in corporate circles. The simple installation, the easy-to-use functions and the characteristic design have stimulated great interest among our customers. We have received feedback from some of our customers stating that they see more spontaneous meetings happening. This sort of behavioral changes is possible because now anyone can know availability of a room without having to peep in.

For further information or demonstration, please contact:

OfficePlus LLC,

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

+971 2 6767019

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