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LifeSize Video Conferencing
How viable is deploying video communication in these tough economic times?

In tough economic times, businesses have three choices: ignore the situation, accept defeat, or take control. The first two options—doing nothing and riding out the storm or accepting the pounding—can be paralyzing, with devastating consequences. However, by taking control, businesses can stay ahead of competitors, grow market share, and ensure viability in all types of market conditions.

One way to take control is to consider all your options when it comes to your people, your processes, and your technologies. How can you make your people more productive? How can you streamline your sales processes to minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency? And what technologies can help you achieve those goals quickly and cost-effectively?

We at OfficePlus have the perfect recipe that can guarantee your success. You would have noticed that it’s far easier to work with people whom you see on a daily basis? But the truth of business is that it’s spread out geographically across the country (like the 7 emirates of the UAE) or across the region (like Middle East) or its truly global in operations (across continents).

Video communication lets you meet face to face with your geographically dispersed teams on a regular basis, so that you can look into the eye while taking hard business decisions, work with greater confidence as you can see the support of the team when they say YES, or even challenge your ideas. More importantly all this is achieved without the hassle,expense or time involved in travel.

In brief deploying video communication lets you Do More, Travel Less and Be Present.

So no matter what your industry or how large or small your company is, taking control of your business is the best way to set yourself up for success in 2009 and beyond. As you consider your options, think of OfficePlus LLC as a potential partner who can redefine your business communication experiences. Give us a call on +971 2 6767019 or just connect with us through the website. It will be the beginning of a new partnership.

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