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LifeSize Video Conferencing
What are the things to consider before buying or purchasing a video conferencing system in UAE?

We know that buying is never an easy decision let alone something like video conferencing which can drastically change the way you communicate. In order to answer the questions of our customers in UAE, we have made this simple and easy to use Buyer's guide. This guide can be used by any one in an organisation be it the IT manager or the CEO or someone from the top management to evaluate the purchase decision.

As you go about the purchase decision if will be good to understand that videoconferencing technology has evolved dramatically over the years. These advancements in video conferencing technology allows you to connect face-to-face while being in different ends of a building or opposite sides of the world. The videoconferencing marketplace is full of options but once you see through the fog you will notice that the choices get narrowed down.

Let us go together with a few Pre-Purchase considerations while evaluating videoconference systems.

How many sites are you looking to connect via video?
This is the primary requirement which can be easily answered. Is the plan to deploy videoconferencing link between your offices in the UAE, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah or is it link between your regional HQ in Abu Dhabi with your offices in the Middle East countries like Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. For many customers in UAE videoconferencing is often to connect with their international offices that already have video conferencing. Explore the various options and list out all the locations you are considering to deploy video conferencing.

Do your customers or business partners have video conferencing solutions?
Using video conferencing technology to communicate with your customers or business partners really leverages the benefits of deploying videoconferencing for your inter office communication. Any organization that buys videoconferencing equipment for such a scenario gets an exponential ROI.

How much money can you invest?
I think this is most crucial management decision when it comes to buying videoconferencing technology. However we think it is important to understand one significant benefit when it comes to purchasing videoconferencing that it is a communication tool that saves you money be it in terms of reducing travel, avoiding hotel expenses, saving time, improving relationships, resolving issues faster or bringing products out to market faster. One of the best ways to explain this is that any organization can deploy videoconferencing without budgeting as the savings incurred on current travel and lodging expenses can justify the purchase of video conferencing system without even considering the other soft benefits that we mentioned.

How often do you anticipate using your equipment?
I don’t think this is a very crucial decision except for the fact that it helps brings ROI calculations to the forefront. In a country like UAE where communications costs are high, ROI calculations turn out to be very simple and straightforward.

How much bandwidth will you have available? How about your participants?
As far as videoconferencing is concerned one of the most crucial element that affects quality is bandwidth. It is important to understand that bandwidth at all sites has an impact. For example what bandwidth you have at your Head Office in Abu Dhabi is as important as what bandwidth you have at your remote office in Dubai or Sharjah or Ajman or Al Ain or Ras Al Kaimah or or Fujairah or UAQ. If any site has less bandwidth then the quality of video from that site will not be the best. Another aspect of videoconferencing is that bandwidth requirements are symmetrical which means that the uplink bandwidth is as important as the downlink bandwidth. While we are evaluating the topic of bandwidth in your purchase decisions it is good to know that about 1Mbps of bandwidth is needed for HD quality. However with the latest videoconferencing systems you will be able get even at bandwidth as low as 512 Kbps a DVD quality video.

What is the size of your meeting space?
This is a very crucial piece of information when it comes to buying a videoconferencing system. The peripherals of videoconferencing like camera, microphone and speaker coverage are all dependent on this aspect. It is also important to mention the acoustic properties of the room.

Do you want to be able to call multiple sites at once?
The ability to connect to multiple sites is what makes videoconferencing a hard to beat technology when it comes to bringing people together. Imagine a video conference from your HQ in Abu Dhabi, with your branch offices in Dubai and Sharjah and few people joining in from their hotel rooms or even their mobile phones or homes. It really does not matter where you are in the UAE or the world. As long as you have the bandwidth and the right technology you can have a group meeting.

How many people will participate at each site?
This is an addendum to our previous question which enquired about the size of the meeting space. If you have a very large meeting room but only a few people will be present during a video call then do mention it to us. Maybe we can recommend more cost effective options.

Do you want to share PC-based information, such as PowerPoint presentations and documents?
Many people do not know this but videoconferencing meeting are truly engaging like in-conference room meeting. Just like an in-house meeting in your board room in Dubai, videoconferencing meeting attendees can share PowerPoint slides; excel spreadsheets or even websites in real time in high definition with their counterparts in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

We hope this buyer’s guide helps you understand the pre requisites as you embark on a purchase of a videoconferencing technology in the UAE. To help you further in your buying decision do give us a call on +971 2 6767019 or drop in an email at We will be glad to assist you with a full-fledged presentation of various videoconferencing technologies and even demonstrate the videoconferencing technologies that best meet your requirements. We will even back our videoconferencing solution with testimonials from our large pool of satisfied customers in UAE so that you BUY with confidence.

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