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What are the three key features of Evoko Meeting Room Manger.

The Evoko system is a comprehensive yet simple solution for managing the bookings of your meeting or board rooms. The three key features that sets apart the Evoko system from other meeting room scheduler or booking systems are

Easy Installation:

Installing the Evoko Room Manager is as simple as adding the meeting room as a user at the Microsoft Exchange Server, and this does not require any changes to IT security. There is no additional software required. Evoko utilises POE, which makes it possible to install Evoko touch screen with just a single cable termination. Best of all the Evoko system can either be screwed to the wall or stuck to the glass door of the conference room with just an adhesive tape.

Ease of Use:

Touch, Schedule and Meet. Thats how easy it is to make use of the Evoko meeting room manager. There is no learning curve, especially if an organisation is already using Outlook in an Exchange environment for scheduling calls. The UI on the 8 inch touch screen is a no brainer and automatically lets you even book, extend or end a meeting with just one click.

Room management:

The room status that is displayed by the red or green halo around the Evoko screen makes room management easy to implement. The screen helps personnel to rapidly find an unoccupied meeting room, thus avoiding disturbing meetings that are in progress. Tight integration with Outlook also puts an end to all double booking.

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