OfficePlus LLC is an interactive rich media communication company based in UAE.

Our focus is to redefine your communication experience. By implementing our solutions in the realm of HD Video Communication & Telepresence we can help you meet face to face with Any One, Any Where, Any Time. The barriers of time and distance that made face to face communication difficult and challenging between your geographically dispersed offices, clients and suppliers will soon begin to disappear. We will facilitate your organization to save crucial time and scarce money without sacrificing operational effectiveness.

Personally we prefer to look at videoconferencing as the ultimate time machine. Our customers can travel at the speed of light and be present at any location with just a click of the mouse or a press of a button on the remote control. More importantly they can be virtually present at multiple locations at the same instant. Imagine the pleasure of having a meeting with Dubai, London and Paris from the convenience of your office in Abu Dhabi.

“communication tools for every environment”