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Media Collaboration

Professional Video and Collaboration Solutions for Any Workspace 

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Video Collaboration

COLLABORATE Live solutions are the most versatile video collaboration room systems of their kind in the market. Only a versatile solution that consolidates conferencing, collaboration & communication to meet today’s diverse demands.

Straightforward, scalable, and easily-administered cloud collaboration platform with a unified user interface.

Media Collaboration – Overview

Stream content, video, and share whiteboarding and annotation functionality from participant laptops or mobile devices. Develop different concepts, discover the best ideas and brainstorm using touch room display and annotation tools. Capture and record any collaboration session for on-demand access or stream live over any standard network.

At OfficePlus we are pleased to offer a free consultation to help you select the best Media collaboration solution for your meeting rooms in UAE. So whether you are planning to implement Video collaboration in the office board room or a large conference room in UAE or the corporate meeting rooms we can offer our consultation services. 

Just give us a call and we can guide you through the buying decision.

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BYOD Collaboration

Complete room solutions that include a camera, speaker and microphone with simple BYOD USB connections to realize superior web conferencing quality in small and mid-sized rooms.

The idea is great:- Bring any laptop with your own preferred web based video conferencing solution & connect only cone cable to your laptop can really transform your on meeting to the room systems.

At OfficePlus we are pleased to offer free consultation to help you select the best BYOD Collaboration solution for your meeting spaces in UAE. So whether you are planning to implement BYOD Collaboration in meeting spaces with varying capabilities we can offer some outstanding products.

Just give us a call and we can guide you through the buying decision.


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Cloud Collaboration

This powerful collaboration tool delivers a full suite of audio, video conferencing, web conferencing, and meeting tools in a persistent space. Use cloud conferencing to collaborate one-on-one and in groups with integrated file sharing, searchable archives, and user presence information.

Connect with contacts and colleagues, via audio and video, with the most intuitive cloud-based collaboration tools.

Choose the cloud that won’t share your team video meeting content with third parties. And uninvited guests are prevented from “bombing” meetings and web conferences.

The cloud should be open from popular web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more -Web RTC support means no need to download the application. Meet now or schedule a meeting time to access full suite of collaboration features. These include file sharing, recording, whiteboarding, annotation, chat, and meeting minutes.

Add Webinar Capabilities

The webinar option supports up to 500 people in a single meeting. It can be expanded for growing businesses to include up to 1000 people. Multiple presenters can participate to manage group discussions.

Organize Work Channels

Create searchable public and private channels, organized by topic, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Access Your Important Meeting Info

Easily store and find meeting agendas, notes, chats, documents, whiteboards, session recordings and more.

At OfficePlus we are pleased to offer free consultation to help you select the best Cloud Collaboration in UAE. So whether you are a professional and you are working from home or you need to collaborate with your other branch office, you need a cloud platform to interact.

Just give us a call and we can guide you through the buying decision.

Media CollaborationCloud Collaboration
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AV Network Manager

A unified AV network management platform to monitor, control, and audit ClearOne Pro Audio and Video products and services. Remote real-time system access provides at-a-glance and all-inclusive dashboard views.

Unlimited scalability designed to support organizations of any size.

Media Collaboration – AV Network Manager

Two levels of access — a secure administrator level for full access and a viewer level for monitoring. It provides a powerful and elegant user interface on any browser from desktop to mobile. Stay up-to-date with email notifications.  Search, sort, and filter to find what you need quickly.

Efficient batch firmware updates on multiple audio or video devices at once.

Download, back up, or restore project files simultaneously for multiple devices and their peripherals.

Supports integration with third-party management systems via RESTful web service interface. Download device logs and reports for devices, users, histories, and calls. View the interface in one of twelve languages.

Professional Cameras

Professional cameras to meet a wide range of applications and environments.

Fully HD Broadcast quality  video, suitable optical zoom, and wide-angle capability to capture all participants in the room with advanced noise reduction.

Media Collaboration in UAE – Professional Camera Overview

Support for USB 3.0/2.0, HDMI, and IP with simultaneous video output to all three outputs.H.264 and H.265 streaming and line-in interface to stream audio along with video over IP. Compatible with popular applications such as COLLABORATE® Space, Microsoft Teams,Cisco Jabber, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, and more.

At OfficePlus we are pleased to offer free consultation to help you select the best professional camera solution for conferencing applications. So whether you are planning to implement a conference camera in the office board room or meeting rooms in UAE we can offer our consultation services.

Just give us a call and we can guide you through the buying decision.

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Professional Voice Solutions for Any Workspace

Clear, intelligible audio elevates the user experience in any workspace—from cubicles and huddle spaces to executive offices, boardrooms, and auditoriums. OfficePlus helps to choose & get the highest-quality audio and visual solutions and a team committed to your success.

Media Collaboration – Professional Voice Solutions Overview

Industry-leading professional audio conferencing systems bring state-of-the-art audio technology to any workspace, from huddle spaces to the largest meeting venues and boardrooms. Professional microphones that complement DSP mixers for uncompromised audio pickup and sound performance in any setting. 

OfficePlus professionals will help in the design and choose the right ceiling mics to minimize noise pickup from ceiling sources as well as state-of-the-art technology for uncompromised audio quality and aesthetics.

A powerful and compact high-efficiency audio power amplifier with the help of a suitable ceiling/ wall/ in-wall speakers could achieve sound amplification better. 




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