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Shure wireless microphones in UAE
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Shure Wireless Microphone in UAE

On the biggest stages in the world, when thousands, even millions are watching, the wireless microphone has an enormous job to do. The audio must be clear. It must be true. It has to glow in the shine of the spotlight. No other system is up to the challenge quite like Shure wireless microphone system.

Shure Microphones in UAE

Complex setups, high channel counts, and constrained spectrum are everyday hurdles for today’s major events and tours. To make sure we could meet the most demanding wireless needs, Axient Digital was developed with input from top audio professionals. Every feature has been stress-tested. Every detail fine-tuned. Designed to maximize stability, quality, control, and scalability, Axient Digital is engineered for the moments that command the highest degree of attention.

Shure Wireless Microphones in UAE – Features

Safeguard your signal

No matter how tough the spectrum environment, Axient Digital is tougher. Next-gen digital radio with encryption. True digital diversity. Quadversity and High Density modes. There’s always a way to see through the noise.

True sound

Transparent audio comes through—artifacts and color don’t. With impressively low latency, flat frequency response, and multiple digital audio output options, sound fills every corner of the space—clean and clear.

Streamlined management

Because efficiency is the bedrock of reliability, Axient Digital gives you more command & control. From wide tuning receivers and transmitters, to Wireless Workbench® and ShowLink® control, to networked charging and more, it improves every part of your workflow.

Made for the main stage

Axient Digital has been the wireless solution for some of the biggest spotlights. Major award shows. Halftime performances. Music festivals. Broadcast and Broadway. It’s the system audio professionals count on when sound is critical.

Shure Wireless Microphones addresses the following products in UAE

  • Axient Digital wireless system
  • ULX-D Digital wireless system
  • Microflex Complete Wireless Digital Conference System
  • Microflex wireless microphone systems
  • QLX-D Digital wireless system
  • SLX Wireless Systems
  • GLX-D Advanced Digital wireless system
  • GLX-D Digital wireless system
  • PGX-D Digital wireless system
  • BLX Wireless System

OfficePlus LLC is the authorised distributor and sales partner for Shure in the UAE. As part of the Shure partner program our customers are offered the complete suite of Shure wireless microphone systems in UAE at the best price backed by warranty and support packages.

Our customers in UAE are also informed of the latest product launches from Shure wireless microphones in UAE. Our Customers can also experience the latest Shure wireless microphone systems productline by an onsite live demonstration.

To connect with us drop in an email at Shure@officeplusuae.com or call us on +971 2 6767019 to speak to our representative.





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Shure Digital Wireless Systems

Axient Digital wireless system is the most critical broadcasts and live events in the world rely on Axient Digital Wireless to provide maximum stability, control, and audio quality.
ULX-D Digital wireless system are secure and durable for large events and installation…
QLX-D Digital wireless system is more than ready for the challenge.
GLX-D advanced Digital wireless system to work for you – more channels and features to install in clubs, houses of worship, and other mid-sized venues.
GLX-D Digital wireless system provides confidently clear audio for small and medium stages.
PGX-D Digital wireless system gives 24-bit digital wireless technology that delivers strong, clean RF performance.

Shure Wireless Systems

Microflex Complete Wireless Digital Conference System keep up with constantly changing logistics and demands without invasive installs.

Microflex wireless microphone systems used for flexible setup and confident communication, ensuring every voice will always be heard.

SLX Wireless Systems perfect for wide range of installed venues.

BLX Wireless System makes it simple to get great sound, with a dependable line of wireless system options.

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