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Acoustics, the science concerned with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound.

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Sound Absorption – Improving Conference Room Acoustics

You may put in the best of audio & video technology in your conference room but that does not guarantee great audio. The physical acoustic characteristic of a conference room is determined by the dimensions, surface material, interiors and shape of the room. The acoustic profile of your conference room should make listening and understanding of the spoken word easy.

However this is generally not the case as most interior designers in their quest to make the conference room look amazing forget the real purpose or activity that takes place in the conference room. Conference rooms are built to engage, debate and exchange ideas with participants in the room or those who join remotely over an audio & video conference. Since humans primarily communicate using speech it is imperative that we hear each other clearly without distracting echoes.

Clarity of speech is a must in any Conference Room setting. What threatens the clarity is blurred sound signals caused by unwelcome echoes that bounce around off the perimeter wall, ceiling and floor surfaces in the room. As the echoes carry, the original sound signals become blurred by the background noise, which threatens the communications within the space. Not good for hosting business meetings, AV presentations, telephone communications, teleconferencing, employee training and customer relations. We know how to soundproof a Conference Room, making sure conversations do not disturb surrounding areas by using today’s best fabric acoustic panels.

Sound absorption is the measure of the amount of energy removed from the sound wave as the wave passes through a given thickness of material. The adjoining figure is a schematic representation of sound absorption and reflection of an insulating wall. While propagating from air into an absorbing material, the sound wave could experience reflection or absorption thereby losing energy, experiencing dampening effects.

The OfficePlus Difference

Verifiable Metrics: We will test & measure your existing room acoustic characterisic before and after acoustic treatment.
One stop shop: A single vendor who understands conference room acoustic challenges both in terms of AV equipment & treatment of acoustic problems.

At OfficePlus we are pleased to offer free consultation to help you resolve the acoustic challenges for your large meeting spaces in UAE. So whether you are planning to implement sound absorbtion solution in the office board room or a large conference room in UAE or the corporate auditorium we can offer our consultation services.

Just give us a call and we can guide you through the buying decision.

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