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4 Ways to Do Projection Mapping on Any Budget

Projection Mapping – A Trend That Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Most people might assume projection mapping is cost-prohibitive but there are multiple possibilities to dazzle an audience with a 3-D visual experience – even with a lower budget. It can be as simple, or as intricate, as you want. The process begins with images fitted onto a 3D graphic model of the structure. Once complete, you can create effects in which images wrap around the desired building or object.


The simplest form of projection mapping is object video mapping. This allows you to turn simple objects at your event into engaging and mesmerizing display features. For example, dull pillars can be turned into vibrant, colorful patterns that add an extra layer of creativity to your event.

The options are truly endless – create realistic planets out of spheres, bring ancient art to life, or create stunning visuals on cars. With the right technology, you can use object video mapping to craft a visual story, compelling brand message or surprise and delight an audience.


This method is used for interior walls of a venue, sometimes seen in the form of a panoramic. This type of projection builds on object video mapping by creating a truly immersive experience inside any given venue but is more difficult to construct.


In terms of complexity, moving further up the ladder is a full-dome projection. When the projection takes the form of a sphere and covers the entire wall and ceiling area of the structure. Keep in mind that not every venue can use this technique. A large area must be covered and it requires more equipment and, therefore, a larger budget.


A quite popular approach is architectural mapping, which consists of projecting an entire video on the surface of a building. This turns ordinary, familiar structures into truly unique works of art and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. It also takes the most planning and works to create, so it is typically reserved for large, spectacular events that draw in big crowds.

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