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4 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Interactive

Four Interactive Ways to Engage Your Audience

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While elements like personalization and wellness have grown in importance when it comes to the event ecosystem, there’s still no debating it: Events are all about the content. And whilst that fact has remained consistent, what hasn’t it is the layout of presentations. In fact, 70% of convention planners say they are seeing a shift in the codecs that attendees prefer.

One of the excellent methods to get your audience to stay targeted is to make them experience like they’re a section of your story. There are a few simple things you can do to get your audience to participate in your presentation, via making it more interactive—here’s how.


Live polls are an incredibly effective tool for instantly engaging with your audience. Unlike rhetorical questions, polls encourage participants to think not only about your questions but also about their answers. Moreover, live polls help create mental breaks, so your audience can regain attention and stay focused throughout your presentation.

What:  Interactive voting using your phone, this replaces traditional handset voting buttons. The user can use it to vote, ask questions and more. It is easy to operate and everyone has a mobile phone on them they can use for this.

Why: This can be used for Q&A Sessions at the end of presentations, panel discussions and to break up long presentations. It can help to stop the audience from drifting off after lunch and it keeps your engagement with the audience fresh and lively, it creates interaction between audience and presenter and it can be useful to gather important data for future use.


What:  This is a fab touchy-feely way to engage the audience as soon as they step up to your reception desk! A hands-on touchscreen for delegates to access information at an event. The screen operates just like the screen on a mobile phone and can include all this information – speaker bios, video clips, twitter feed, event logo, and more…

Why: Great for everyone but especially a young audience. Millennials and younger just get know instinctively how to operate an interactive screen.


Each of your audience members comes to your presentation in a completely different mood. A simple ice-breaker can put everyone on the same level and energize them for your presentation. Get your audience to do a simple exercise to reset their minds and refocus on your talk. For example, ask people to stand up and introduce themselves to their neighbors, or have them identify two or three questions they would like to hear addressed during your presentation. By starting with an ice-breaker, you show your audience that your talk will be interactive and require their participation.


With over 6 billion hours of video being watched each month on YouTube alone, it’s hard to believe that still so few presenters use them in their presentations. Videos are a great tool when it comes to giving an engaging presentation. Videos can evoke emotions in an audience that could be otherwise quite difficult to elicit. Find the clip that will put your audience in the right mood and that reinforces your story. With the seamless integration of YouTube videos in Prezi, there is no excuse for not using them.

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