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8 Ways to Modernize Your Conference Rooms

8 Tips for Designing a Conference Room That’ll Wow Clients

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A meeting room can leave a strong impression on clients. It can either help them come up with fresh, creative ideas, or it can distract them from how uncomfortable and stuffy it is. If you want your clients to remember the former rather than the latter in your next meeting, here are ways to infuse personality and professionalism into any conference area.

In a working world that is increasingly centered around open floor plans, the conference room stands as one of the last remaining areas for a private, productive meeting. It’s critical, then, to get its design, format, and features just right. Ultimately, they can mean the difference between a room that’s just another place to work and space where creativity and collaboration take on life.

Here is 8 Ways to Modernize Your Conference Rooms.


Just as the sofa is the focal point of the living room, the conference table is the focal point of any conference room. For years, the design of conference tables remained unchanged. Fortunately, designers today are kicking things up a notch by experimenting with updated designs.

One of the newest trends in office furniture are standing desks and conference tables. There are obvious benefits to standing. It releases endorphins, provides energy, and even helps with posture. In fact, research has shown that meetings conducted when employees are standing are 34% shorter than the average business meeting!


Typical presentations today pack a ton of amazing multimedia. From graphics to video, to your standard PowerPoint presentations, to get the most out of your wireless display technology you’re going to want to pair it with the clearest and most visually appealing display with the best detail. In this case, a 4K display is your best option. 4K displays have extremely high-definition and can display video with a photo-realism that is shockingly crisp. These displays also have superior audio technology, although, if preferred, you can also upgrade your 4K display with a soundbar to really blow the socks off your colleagues!


Conference room technologies have come a long way. From bulky projectors to messy wires and cables lying around, meeting rooms have surely upgraded to a more seamless solution. In fact, meeting rooms now boast of impressively built wireless presentation systems, smart screen sharing solutions, video conferencing apps and more to make your team/ client meeting an absolute success. 

A wireless presentation system can offer benefits that you may not have even thought of. These benefits make the wireless presentation system a “must-have” collaboration device in every meeting room. As meeting rooms become more dynamic, there is a lot of demand for an all-inclusive wireless presentation device in the market. Contact us for more information about wireless presentation systems.


Today’s meetings often involve collaboration between onsite and remote team members. So you’re going to want to invest in collaboration tools and technology that make it possible for colleagues to share and collaborate on their mobile devices and computers. This includes software and solutions like Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Zoom, all of which are popular services for webinars and online meetings. These are essential for getting remote employees or guests to be able to connect to your meeting, saving both you and them the expense on travel time.


Recent technology has made it possible to turn your static conference room into a more dynamic setting with the use of tracking cameras. The setups for these vary (sometimes with moving robots on wheels), but tracking cameras allow remote attendees to zoom in on the speaker’s voice and better capture motion. They can be set to track the speaker automatically, or they can be set to allow the conference attendees to have some control over where they look around the room, giving them the ability to look at and engage more visually with other attendees who are also remote. This is an interesting bit of 21st-century flair that we’re excited to see evolve.


Microphones and speakers are an important addition to conference room audio visual. These can be either in-ceiling, on-table, or a sound bar mounted below the display (sound bars can be an appropriate solution for smaller spaces).

Based on how you intend to use the room and the features of the space, your audio visual integration partner can select the right mix of microphones and speakers.

The choice of microphones and speakers will have a significant impact on the overall conferencing experience. The right set-up can reduce echo, feedback and other noises heard by conference participants.


Terrible acoustics can ruin any room, no matter how comfortable the furniture is or how impressive the wall art may be. For conference room design especially, the proper sound management can make or break the success of your meetings.

If your conference room or meeting space is intended for private conversations, there are sound absorption techniques that can provide all the discretion you need. Many people worry about installing ugly sound panels that clash with their décor, but acoustic art panels can be customized with images, brand colors, logos, and other designs to keep your room unique to your company.


Scheduling has always been a pain for meeting planners. Once your modern updates start taking shape and everyone wants in on your sleek conference rooms, you’ll likely have a hard time keeping up with the scheduling requests. Automated software solutions such as conference room schedule systems allow anyone to schedule the room from the touch of a button on their phone. Meeting planners can see available dates and times to quickly schedule their own meetings. You can even sync the scheduling system with Google Calendar to make it easy for anyone to schedule a conference natively within the app.

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