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Company Meeting Room Needs A Wireless Presentation System

Increased presentation capabilities

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Conference room technologies have come a long way. From bulky projectors to messy wires and cables lying around, meeting rooms have surely upgraded to a more seamless solution. In fact, meeting rooms now boast of impressively built wireless presentation systems, smart screen sharing solutions, video conferencing apps and more to make your team/ client meeting an absolute success.

Declutter Space

You could have prepared the most professional, convincing presentation out there, but it is going to lose its impact if you deliver it surrounded by cables and wires. Of course, cables do a great job of connecting people, but they are certainly not problem-free. Don’t make your audio-visual system the focal point of the presentation. Spare your clients and colleagues an unsightly mess of cables and instead invite them into a sleek, well-presented conference room.

Ease Of Use

No one wants the realisation that they are a missing a cable moments before their presentation is due to start. The beauty of a wireless system is that the user can simply walk into the conference room, connect to the network, launch the software and start presenting. It takes the stress out of what can be a pretty stressful situation for the presenter. (It also takes the unnecessary strain off your IT department.)

Encourage Collaboration

If there’s one thing you can say about a wireless presentation it’s that it is interactive – a word that is music to any presenter’s ears. Wireless system supports users at anyone time, and with a simple click of a button, anyone in the room can share their content and ideas. Want a presentation that is engaging, interactive and collaborative.


In today’s business world, audio-visual systems have to cater to a range of devices and connections. For companies taking a BYOD-approach to business, this is especially true, with Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, android phones and laptops all being used by employees. With a wireless presentation system, you have one device that fits all devices. It also means as a business you can move with the times and adapt to changes in technology when they happen.

Mobile Presentations

Another big selling point of wireless presentation systems is that they can be taken outside of your own meeting room and used pretty much anywhere. This means that your workforce can be transformed into a ready-made sales force. A wireless system allows an employee to walk into the offices of a client and deliver a presentation on any television or projector available, without any connection worries.

Saves money

Perhaps the biggest (and probably the best) reason for your business to invest in a wireless presentation system is that it is a cost-effective solution. Not only will it integrate with equipment in existing conference rooms, it also has the ability to transform any room containing a flat-screen TV into an effective meeting room.

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