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Conference Room Setup: Equipment Checklist

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Perhaps no room more diverse and pivotal to a business’ immediate and long-term success and function than conference rooms. From meeting with stakeholders and high-dollar clients to creative brainstorming sessions, a conference room must be equally equipped to suit both formal and creative pursuits.

How your conference room is equipped speaks volumes to how your business views collaboration. Whether it’s a room with four walls and a table or a well-thought-out space with its own equipment and clear purpose, it can make a huge difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your business’ meetings.

Video Conference Camera

If your conference rooms have a dedicated conference camera equipped with a high-resolution lens and high-quality speakers and microphone, you automatically eliminate the main barriers in digital communication. This ensures that all participants are given equal engagement and stake in the meeting’s events and empowers efficient and productive collaboration.


From videos to slides, equip your meeting rooms with a projector or HDMI or VGA ready monitor to account for any necessary visual information to presented clearly to all attendees. A monitor enhances the meeting experience and ensures everyone’s on the same page.


No more waiting. No more, “how does this thing plugin?” Your employees and clients are too busy. Your business is too important for your meeting rooms not to have the necessary equipment. Make sure it is set up with all the essential visual

presentation tools it may need to allow for successful meetings.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Whether you’re presenting slides, taking notes or in need of an answer instantly, you have to have the ability to access high-speed and reliable internet from within your conference rooms. Don’t allow for lag time to disengage your meeting participants. We all know the frustration of being frozen during video meetings.

Whiteboard and Markers

The information you are presenting may need to fluctuate. A whiteboard is the just the right thing to take quick notes or draw a quick diagram for your team to analyze and generate business shaping solutions. Make sure your whiteboard is in view of your camera for remote participants so they can be involved with brainstorms and stay up-to-date.

Adequate Lighting

Whether it’s to keep in-office participants alert or to provide remote viewers a clear perspective of the information presented, your conference room needs to have sufficient lighting.

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