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4 Tips for Increased Employee Engagement

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Technology has redefined work in the 21st century. Virtual meetings, document transfers, and cloud-based solutions are all a few keyboard strokes away. Fueled by these technological advancements, organizations are creating opportunities for employees to work from their homes or other off-site locations.

A set of tools equipped to step into the Digital Workplace of the Future also includes solutions to empower trends like BYOD, BYOM, remote working, and meeting. Working and collaborating from anywhere is crucial to keep businesses up and running especially in challenging periods like during and after the global COVID-19 outbreak.


To stave off the tendency for remote workers to feel that they are “less than” their on-site colleagues, leaders of remote workers have to overcompensate when it comes to communicating with remote workers. There should be frequent opportunities for virtual collaboration using online tools.

These opportunities should not be limited to the typical weekly team “check-in” meeting (which is critical). They should also include the formal and informal problem-solving sessions and project management meetings that typically occur throughout the week in an on-site setting.


Use cameras on individual calls with remote workers whenever possible. There is no substitute for face-to-face communication (even when done via teleconferencing). Use screen-sharing whenever there are documents to collaboratively review and revise.

Make sure to use modern communication tools to capture as much of each person’s meaning and message as possible.


Create opportunities for department or division leaders who work closely with your team to address your remote employees through periodic progress updates. Similarly, ask your corporate leaders to participate in video conference calls to share strategic developments and answer questions. In this way, you will increase your remote workers’ engagement and improve connections between on-site and remote workers.


Encourage your remote team to take turns developing the agenda and facilitating the meeting, putting them in your position, and increasing their appreciation of the challenges of working across technology to compensate for the lack of daily interaction.

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