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Designing a Training Room

Design and layout a training room to effectively communicate with all generations

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Any successful organization understands how key well-designed training rooms is to the office infrastructure. They’re environments dedicated to learning and collaboration of information and ideas of employees. And an organization’s most important assets are the people that make up its workforce.  If participants have to wait for the training to start while the presenter struggles with the technology, or they miss what is being shared because of low-quality AV, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your training material is. People will remember the impact of the bad tools more than the value of the good content.

Interactive display

Having the right kind—and right number—of displays ensures everyone can see the materials and learn from your training content. An interactive display has the added benefit of encouraging collaborative learning. Further enhance collaboration by adding video conferencing and content-sharing capabilities that support BYOD.

Test Run Your Technology

Nothing disrupts a lesson more than a slow computer or projector that refuses to come on. You may choose to train traditionally. However, most training incorporates videos and PowerPoint presentations. You want to make sure that your computer is up-to-date. Slow-running internet can also prolong or delay a lesson. Make sure to test run your technology so that trainees can get the most out of the training.

Professional audiovisual system

If training participants can’t see a presenter or hear what’s being said, they won’t learn. An enterprise-quality AV system is critical to your corporate training room design. A well-designed room equipped with beamforming microphone arrays will ensure participants can hear presenters no matter where they are in the room. Video conferencing hardware and software will help you accommodate and involve remote participants.

Equip Room with Modern Technology

The success of training depends on the technical capabilities of the location. Various equipment is necessary like mini-stands, ventilation, heating, fire alarm, fire extinguishing systems, microphones, air conditioning, and other office equipment for a successful training process. Devices like laptops and computers have several outputs that support the wireless system. So, avoid the use of wire related components and run your classrooms smoothly. Installing the Wi-Fi with high-speed will allow users to connect wirelessly with their preferred devices and free themselves from unnecessary extra work or technological clutter.


The intended use for the room and how it will eventually be utilized is important. But more often than not, organizations and facility managers are faced with the pressure of  having to create a space that can be used in various settings.It’s also hard to put an exact number of the people in the room.If you’re not sure of how many users are in the room at one time, the flexibility of your products is an important consideration. It’s ideal in this case to pick products with castors that can be moved around or re-configured into various settings.

Room Configurations

While formal classroom and auditorium configurations might work well to accommodate town-hall meetings and/or video presentations, we recommend a more relaxed style to better facilitate free-and-easy communication among participants and between the instructor and participants. Round, U-shapes and arcs promote the Socratic teaching method, which emphasizes student/teacher dialog. Smaller configurations, such as six sets of five, are also ideal for encouraging peer-to-peer teaching and group problem solving.


Because the training room is flexible, lighting should be easily preprogrammed or dimmed, and designed for even illumination. Choose ambient light over direct down light sources, as it eliminates glare on screen surfaces and fills in the shadows on faces so people look well on screen. Windows are the best ambient light sources, but make sure they have easily adjusted shades or drapes.

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