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Wireless presentation systems are popping up everywhere people meet and collaborate.The purpose of a wireless presentation system is to allow clients or users to connect their device to the display without the restrictions and compatibility issues inherent in a cabled connection, this makes meetings run more smoothly and will allow your business to save precious time and therefore money!

Content Sharing

Using a wireless presentation system during a meeting everyone can stream content to the main meeting room display pretty much in real time. No more out of date data, dead numbers and valuable time spent collating and printing reports.Wireless presentation system make it easy for multiple users to take turns sharing content; it takes only the touch of a button to switch the next presenter’s materials, making meetings smoother and more efficient than ever.

Remote Connection

We work in a mobile-centric world. To be efficient and user friendly, your meeting space should cater to all mobile devices. That includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Most wireless presentation systems allow you to display content from any of these devices, and save yourself the cost of buying a remote presenter. You don’t need it. Just install a smartphone application. The wireless connection enables the application to communicate with PowerPoint, for example, to remotely control your presentation slides from the convenience of your personal mobile device. Using a wireless presentation system will help you to save on a lot of time and money by enabling mobile workers to connect remotely to a Montage session in your meeting. Those who aren’t within the meeting room can see, hear, and contribute to what’s happening in the room and what’s on the screen. With the ability to screen share both ways, remote attendees can see all of the content and miss none of the contexts.

 Quick Collaboration

Presenting digital content in meeting rooms and collaboration spaces is now quicker and easier than ever. The wireless presentation system can be added to any basic or interactive display, to get your meetings started faster and remove the complexity of cabled connections at the table. Advanced features such as built-in interactive whiteboard [requires touch enabled display], quad-screen view, and document sharing transform any simple presentation space into a collaboration hub.

Starting Meetings

Wireless presentation system eliminates the need for long set-ups before a meeting. No matter which device your team members work from, they can share directly from the device they’re using. Easily switch between team members’ laptops and their other devices, such as an iPad or iPhone.Many meeting rooms are still equipped with manual device connection; plugging leads and cables into computers and screens or projectors.With a wireless presentation system in your meeting room technology ecosystem, attendees can be absolutely comfortable in their ability to walk in, sit down, connect & go.

Sharing Ideas

A wireless presentation system will allow employees/users to freely express their ideas and viewpoints, no matter what types of devices your employees are using. In meetings there is usually an outcome in mind – something to be created, changed or updated.Instead of waiting until after the meeting to share the outcomes, minutes and notes from the meeting, or any follow-up actions required from participants, wouldn’t it be better if you could just do it then and there? So, instead of emailing versions back and forth, look for a wireless presentation system that allow your teams to share their screen and files in real time.

Multi-user Collaboration

Several users can access the system at once. Changing presenters is as simple as one click. This interactivity is perfect for open-forum discussion in conference rooms, classrooms, or lecture halls.With just the click of a single button you or I can become the focus of the main meeting room display, removing technical blockers from getting your information shared quickly and accurately, even when we’re out of the ‘meeting room’. Often in meetings the information is controlled and shared by just one person, the presenter.A wireless presentation system that allows everyone, whether they’re in or out of the meeting room, to have equal control of the information being shared and as such enabled vastly enhanced productivity to your collaboration sessions.

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