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Guide to Creating the Most Advanced Boardroom

Create the Ultimate Conference Room: 5 Conference Room Design Tips

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A boardroom, when stripped to its bare bones, is a space where projects are flagged, impactful decisions are made and where productivity hits peak levels. A room where key decisions are taken is a sanctimonious space. No longer exclusive, boardrooms have become commonplace in a world where decentralised decision-making is the norm. Moreover, to cut real estate costs, rooms with collapsible partitions are being recommended.

In either case, there is an urgent need to bring scalable technology to boardrooms. Here’s how you can transform decision making and mastermind the most advanced boardrooms ever:


Where time is of the essence and there is a need to respect everyone’s time, why would you want to spend a chunk of it meddling with projectors? Besides a large-bandwidth internet connection, there is an urgent need to foster stress-free collaboration. Harnessing the power of AV, your boardrooms can make way for wireless presentation and interactive collaboration while creating a digital space where any and every device connects seamlessly (BYOD).

With most AV integration devices in the market, you can integrate the tools to promote stress-free collaboration across discussion rooms, huddle rooms and large board rooms. Most AV devices prioritise security while enabling device and network integration on a cloud platform. They also offer simplified AV control by enabling smoother video streaming and allowing access to real-time file editing and annotating.


In Huddle Spaces with occupancy of up to 5, a single display screen serves you just fine. Now, imagine an annual board meeting where your company hosts 20 in one room. Save them the effort of squinting over a distant screen when you incorporate LED Walls in your boardrooms.

The perfect solution to not just 4K video streams, these LED Walls allow you to screen content over multiple displays, project multiple data or media over several screens. You can now bid adieu to close and open multiple tabs to make one point. Video Walls even simplifies data analytics wherein you can flawlessly pull up multiple reports at once.


As working options grow more remote, there is an unmet need to upgrade audio technology in boardrooms. This is especially true of large boardrooms where participants in the periphery remain inaudible during conversations or in a rounder and oval-shaped boardroom where the fishbowl-effect ie, echo needs to be countered.

With the emergence of ceiling mics that come with built-in features like beam tracking, it is easier to capture the voice of participants not in the seating area and intuitively mute and unmute to avoid background noises like paper shuffling with pop-up mics. Audio technology that understands and seamlessly integrates sound isolation and masking in your microphone system is the need of the hour.


With a boom in more decentralized decisions, there is an urgent need to match the industry’s boardroom requirements. In cases where space is wanting, managing available boardrooms becomes a necessity. Integrating software that allows teams to schedule a room ahead ensures meeting progress seamlessly. While allowing participants to check-in and monitor rooms ahead, meetings are made more productive.


Most of these tips have been centered on the needs of your company and its team members. After all, they’ll be the primary users of the conference rooms. It’s vital to also consider the interests of your clients.

If you expect to include clients in a significant number of meetings in your conference room, make sure they’ll feel comfortable. When designing your conference room, be sure to account for their industry-related needs or expectations. Also consider their geographical location, their culture, or anything else that might be an important factor in successfully conducting business.

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