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Businesses today are dependent on not just legacy to grow their business. They are also looking at technology as a driver for growth. One obvious case in point is that your leads or clients will certainly appreciate the way you work and communicate. One of the most unifying factors is interpersonal communication within teams. This is where modern-day AV technology helps bridge gaps, brings teams closer, and simplifies communication no matter where you are located.

A combination of LED presentation screens tiled together to create a single large screen is known as Video Wall. They are incredibly flexible and are utilized for different purposes such as information, advertising, communication & more. When one experiences communication using a video wall you are bound to leave a long-lasting impression on your clients as well as guests.


Visuals are more engaging than any other form of communication. Hence with your very own Video Wall, your messages are delivered quickly and effectively. This makes a Video Wall an ideal choice for huge industries retail, hospitals, financial institutions, educational sectors, government sectors, corporates, etc. With the continuous bombardment of data, messages, and content – Simple Communication has become the norm and more and more sectors &  industries are realizing that they need something simple yet efficient. A Video Wall fills this very gap.


There are some sites that need to be monitored for a vast amount of information. Large displays have been the first choice for effective monitoring and data analysis. Video Walls have been a great way to gather all insights and to display information effectively that changes the way of presenting.


Display content in a larger than life manner is way more important. Video Walls are versatile and can be used in various situations such as Communication, Advertising, Surveillance, Data Presentation, Product Launch, and more. They are interesting and attractive to the eye and catch attention immediately. Thus, Video Walls act as a powerful tool that helps your content get a head start.


The use of interactive touch screen video walls brings in the best of both worlds that is Presentation and Ease of Use. No more working on your laptop expecting that the display will be proper. Just work directly on the screen using software solutions such as Oblong, or even Gesture-Based Software that functions just for you according to your needs and expectations, such as selecting custom color, or a custom page, etc.


Your video wall is really a sort of ambassador for your organization. If you are a fast-paced, high energy company, reflect that in your message designs and screen configurations. If you are a more solid, dependable sort of place, then have slower transitions, more muted colors, and fewer messages on the displays at the same time.

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