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Know Before Purchasing A Wireless Presentation System

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We at OfficePlus are passionate to make your next audio conference meeting a great success. Please find below tips that will enhance your audio conferencing experience resulting in a more efficient and productive meeting.


Meetings should run as smoothly as possible, just plug-and-present. With plug-and-present, there is no software installation required and all you need is a VGA or HDMI adapter or a classic wireless presentation system that is connected to the device.


Being plug-and-present, presenters can share from almost any device (a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, a camera, etc.) making it perfect for any BYOD environment. Furthermore, can be used in combination with any display, projector or smartboard.


Up to 150 users can simultaneously connect to a single device from any Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows. If you need to support even more users, you can easily create a network of devices. In the end, everyone can go home with their personalized set of presentation hand-outs.

Compact & Mobile

Lightweight and compact device, suited for every screen and every meeting style. While the system requires a cabled connection to the central display device, users can instantly make a wireless connection and are not bothered with connecting cables. Device is adaptable to your needs, allowing you to present on the go.

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