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The video wall display provides a largescale, high-resolution “visual canvas” for your content.Video wall technology has made a substantial impact on how information is conveyed in a wide range of event environments. A variety of video wall technologies are now used in conferences, trade shows, educational settings and much more.

A Goal For Your Video Wall

Before undertaking any visual implementation, the technology coordinator must consider the business goals associated with this strategy. How will a video wall improve and promote your message versus the promotion you’re currently undertaking?With this info, you will have a better idea of the kind of video wall solution you need.

Consider the location

Before even considering implementing a video wall, it’s imperative that you understand the space that you’ll be occupying. These factors will come into play when determining the appropriate size, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution and power requirements of the video wall you’ll rent or purchase. Also, consider the other elements that will be present in the space – sight lines to the video wall; angle of viewing; and distance from viewer to displays.

Technical Capabilities Of Video Wall Content

Videos, images, audio, text other content will need to be optimized for the type of video wall you’re using. Nothing makes a video wall look more unprofessional than tiny, unreadable font and low-resolution images. Both should be large and clear enough to easily understand. Remember: Even though content looks awesome on a laptop screen, it might not translate to the hugeness of video walls. Always build video wall content with big screens in mind.

Common Content Issues

Content is too long – whether a sponsor’s message overstays its welcome, or a block of text is too big and chunky, content that’s too long is a common problem among amateur designers or event advertisers. Short, simple messages will always be more effective on a digital sign.

Small, unreadable text – When designing content, make letters large, at least a fourth of the screen and use a sans serif font. Some designers create super small text that might look nice on their laptop screen when they create it, but looks bad on the video wall.It’s virtuously pointless to create shadows or shining effects on a three-inch letter that looks great on a computer, but isn’t viewable on a video wall with spaced out pixels.

Video Wall Calibration

Video walls, if done properly, are quite stunning. Yet, if they don’t look seamless, the effect is the complete opposite. Calibration can be tricky, so it is best to choose a video wall solution with a simple calibration tool.

Experienced Systems Integrator

Once you do decide on the best video wall for your event’s needs, you’ll need someone with experience operating displays. These technology professionals can help you with the proper installation and mounting solutions, screen calibration and alignment, test and fix any poorly optimized content, as well as respond in the event of a technology crisis. Unless you have experience operating video walls, you may put your event at risk of display failure, which would be disastrous.Additionally, you may want to get the help of an installation expert. Because video walls are installed in unique ways, they will have an easier time with service, maintenance and display leveling, among other installation tasks.

Interactivity Is Important

With an interactive video wall, you can attract more and more. You can add interactivity into a video wall, either by using a touch display or via an application on a mobile device that enhances the content.  Choose the enhancement based on the type of content that will be displayed on the video wall – whether it’s a virtual product demonstration, social media feed, audio-visual enhancements or static images.

Such an effectively displayed content on LED video panels will be highly eye catching and draws your attention with the bright and dynamic display properties. You can use the automatic controls to alter and change the message on the video walls as per the requirement.  The Led video walls have customizable features and so you can create the display as per your choice and the customers’ feedback. They LED video walls are known to increase the sale by creating greater impact due to the higher recall rates.

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