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There’s nothing more distracting during a webinar than poor audio quality, so make sure you have a great microphone that allows your attendees to hear you clearly. Mostly, your webinar depends on you and your content— but you don’t want sub-par presentation casting a shadow on what you’re offering!  Webinar Ninja’s got you covered with our own delay-free, HD quality webcasting infrastructure.

However, it’s important to nail a few technical things on your end, especially the audio. Even when a presenter is totally on top of their game, poor audio just throws a bucket of cold water on a webinar. It creates a distraction, a barrier between the audience and the content.

No matter how great your content is, it has to reach your audience smoothly in order to convert to sales! There is a huge price range for microphones, but in general, the more expensive they are, the higher quality of the sound. So depending on your budget and audio needs, you have a lot of options to choose from.

ClearOne Microphones for Webinar

ClearOne’s Microphones for board meetings is the most economical, versatile, and easily scalable wireless system in the market today with unprecedented ease-of-use and simple installation.

This Tabletop Microphone is perfect for teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality. The low profile and small size make this mic ideal for conference tables that require minimum-visibility microphones.

ClearOne gooseneck microphone is suitable for conference rooms, and many other environments where aesthetics and performance are important. They can be mounted on any tabletop or podium. These microphones have a directional pick up range and as such are great for rooms with bad acoustics. 

Recommended Models

CHAT 50 | CHAT 150USB | CHAT 150Attach | Dialog 20 | WS800

Revolabs Microphones for Webinar

Microphones merge best-in-class audio with eye-catching design, setting the gold standard for excellence in wireless conference room audio.

These innovative Microphones for board meetings in UAE feature advanced technologies and extended capabilities that ensure superior audio pickup and sound quality, improved signal-to-noise ratio, enhanced digital signal communication over wireless links, and a user-friendly interface.

The latest advances in the use of the available frequencies allow more Executive Elite microphones to be deployed and used in the same space. The Revolabs gooseneck microphone for Revolabs Executive Elite systems is designed for individual use.

Simply place each microphone in front of conference participants and give them a personalized portal to high-quality voice conversations.

Recommended Models

Revolabs Executive Elite | Revolabs Goosneck

Shure Microphones for Webinar

Meeting rooms are where innovation is born and momentum is harnessed. With all the power these conversations can have, it only makes sense to reinforce them with innovative microphones.

Unobtrusive installation. Plug and play setup. Intelligent control. Shure conferencing audio is the sound solution you’ll want to bring to the table. Meeting rooms need to be optimized for the adhoc conversation.

Technology shouldn’t be inhibiting your teams. Our Microflex® Advance Ceiling Array microphones seamlessly fit into your meeting rooms. The steerable coverage allows for precise audio capture, ensuring you can be heard.

Recommended Models

Shure P300 | Microflex | Microflex Complete

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