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Reasons to Invest in a Wireless Presentation System

Top 5 reasons to invest in a wireless presentation system for meeting spaces.

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it’s miles positive that at some point all through your running day or week or month you’ve got encountered a problem with connecting your tool to your conference room, training room, or huddle room big format display unless this is, you already have a wireless presentation gadget that works readily. Or maybe you’re satisfied to connect with the show with the relied on cable that sits in the meeting room, training room or huddle room…. but… what if sooner or later you walk into the room and the cable is missing…. someone took it for any other meeting room and didn’t replace it. Or you change gadgets or determine to transport to a tablet. Will this cable nevertheless work? listed under are a number of our purchaser’s pinnacle five motives for investing in a wireless presentation for their organization.

First Impressions are Everything – Get Rid of those Messy Cables!

You’re a high-tech software company, leading the way in innovation within your field, you invest heavily in ensuring your office space is one of the most impressive in your building, stocked with a gym, coffee bar, games room, and even a chill-out room. No matter who visits your office space they are sure to be impressed and share their experience with their friends and colleagues. Staff love the space and look forward to coming into work every day. BUT you walk into your meeting rooms and huddle spaces and one of the first sights is messy cables hanging on the wall or scattered across the boardroom table.

Make your Conference Room a Productive Space

Giving a presentation or hosting a meeting requires dedicated preparation time. At times, these tasks can be difficult enough without adding the stress of struggling to find a cable to connect to the meeting room display. A good wireless presentation system removes the need to even think about being able to connect, freeing up time to focus on the content and important issues for the meeting.

A wireless presentation system will ensure your staff and guests can walk into the room, connect to your network with ease and present their content from their device for everyone in the room to view.

Encourage Collaboration Always

Here at DisplayNote Technologies, we are all about bringing people together, no matter where they are in the world, and closing the barriers to great ideas. Including a wireless presentation system in your meeting rooms and huddle spaces ensures all your meetings are interactive.

Everyone is coming together to view the same content on one large-format display within the meeting room, they are all looking at the same content at the same time and all have equal opportunities to comment and give feedback on the content which is being presented.

Don’t Wait for a Meeting Room

The issue of meeting room availability can be more popular in larger enterprise but this issue can be very quickly solved with the introduction of a wireless presentation system. C suite executives can immediately turn their office into a private meeting area with the use of a wireless presentation system and a large format display. Confidential meetings can be hosted with ease, encouraging flexibility for last-minute important meetings.

True Mobilisation of your Workforce

A wireless presentation system can also help your sales and support teams who are on the move. Montage wireless presentation is not just for static environments. This tool can be part of your sales team’s success kit or your support team’s training program. Due to its ease of use and set up, your teams can carry a Montage unit with them to meetings on the go, walking into client meetings or sales presentation fully prepared and equipped to present their content directly from their own personal device to the Large Format Display within the meeting room, office or huddle space. Montage will run as its own network point or wirelessly connect to the network with ease without needing to physically connect to it.

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