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Requirements For Video Conferencing Setup – Checklist For Hardware & Software

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Before getting into the quick and dirty of the specific equipment and programming you’ll require for your video conferencing arrangement, how about we start with the essential system, processing, and webcam prerequisites. The present video conferencing arrangement involves a focal cloud-facilitated framework directing calls between close to home gadget customers and meeting room gadget endpoints. Indeed, even the best video conferencing equipment in the world despite everything won’t work appropriately in the event that you don’t have a competent system or utilize an excellent video conferencing administration.

High-Resolution Webcam

The visibility of subtleties like facial expressions and body language are crucial to quality video conferencing. If details like these get lost, then meetings lack the authenticity of real-life, face-to-face interactions. For video conferencing services that only support 1280×720 resolution (720p), a 720p camera is all you’ll benefit from. Lifesize supports 4K video conferencing so video systems with resolutions as high as 3840×2160 (4K) can be seen and experienced at their full resolution.

Latest Computer Processor

If your computer lacks a sufficiently fast processor, your audio and video quality will be downgraded to make the best possible call for your system’s specs. For today’s modern video conferencing, your computer should have a minimum 2 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor.

Better Network Bandwidth 

The effect of a slow network on video conferencing is similar to that of a slow computer processor: your call will dynamically adjust to give you the best possible quality with the available network. The network bandwidth required will depend on the resolution and frame rate you desire: 1 Mbps is sufficient for 15 fps at 720p resolution, while 30 fps at 4K will require closer to 4 Mbps. And while a properly designed Wi-Fi network will enable wireless connection from anywhere around the building, just remember that the more participants there are in the video conference call, the more bandwidth is required.

VC System

The best quality video calls start with a great video conferencing camera system. Our professional line of audio and video conferencing equipment is engineered to deliver an amazing meeting experience. From all-hands spaces and boardrooms to small huddle rooms, our cloud-based meeting room solutions bring industry-leading video conferencing and wireless screen sharing to all your meeting spaces.

Interactive Display Screen

The size and type of display screen required will primarily depend on the size and number of people the room is designed for. A single 4K television is enough for many small meeting rooms, while conference rooms and boardrooms are typically suited for dual displays or projectors.

VC Software

Browser-based apps and desktop apps can make use of embedded cameras and microphones or connect to more robust peripherals through USB or Bluetooth connectivity. Apps like Google Hangouts™ are good for simple video calls but less so for video conference calls that need to account for more attendees, require connecting to meeting room devices and need the added levels of reliability and security for mission-critical meetings.

Software that is deeply integrated with your hardware is the key to simple connectivity and fully utilizing your system. Lifesize has developed its own video conferencing software — packaged with its meeting room systems and wireless sharing devices — that provides easy access to features like wireless screen sharing to aid in interactive collaboration.

Mobile VC Application

If your meeting participants need on-the-go access, then you’ll need a mobile app. Mobile apps give participants access to the video conference through smartphones and tablets and include features and layouts designed for smaller screens. The Lifesize mobile app, for example, offers a pinch-to-zoom option for seeing fine details on a shared presentation as well as the ability to slide into “listen-only” mode, which disables camera feeds for times when you’re in a crowded space and can’t participate in the call but still want to listen in.

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