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Tips for Improving Your Videoconferencing Skills from Anywhere

5 Tips for Making Videoconferencing in a better way

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In the past few weeks, we’ve seen multiple countries put on lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Universities are canceling in-person classes. Airlines are suspending flights to certain destinations. Large conferences are being canceled.

It’s times like this that AV can be a helpful tool in maintaining productivity at work and school. Commercial Integrator has some good tips on how to adjust to working from home where new distractions and routines abound. However, we’d like to provide another resource to customers who may be dealing with new challenges as they adjust to working remotely.

Nothing can beat a face to face meeting, but in times like these, videoconferencing becomes a necessity. Check out these tips from our expert team to make videoconferencing seamless from anywhere:


If you aren’t visually impaired, you rely on sight as a huge part of a human to human interaction. Be brave, turn that camera on, and encourage others in the meeting to do the same. Everyone will feel more connected and engaged when they can see their co-workers.


In general – Opt for a headset microphone (or anything closer to your face) over your built-in laptop microphone. When using a built-in microphone, the click of your keyboard keys will be a dead giveaway of your not-so-secret multitasking.

From home – plan accordingly. Make sure Fluffy won’t be barking or that the local garbage truck has already made their rounds. Use the mute button when you are listening.


Especially critical from home – consider the background your camera will pick up before you join any meetings. Also, did you remember to lock the door? Don’t park yourself in front of a bright window if using laptop cameras – you will look like a shadow as built-in cameras are bad at correcting for this bright light shining at it.


Don’t wait until the meeting has started to find out you don’t have the updated program, a working mic, or a bad connection. Test out the program you’ll be using ahead of time with a colleague and play with the settings to ensure everything is optimal and your voice is coming through.


We’re partial to Vaddio, of course, but in times like this, you use what you have. Most laptops come equipped with cameras. Headphones with a mic are nice to keep meeting audio from disturbing others in the home.

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