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To be Remote or not to be Remote?

Tips for better virtual meetings

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We as a whole have a perpetual timetable loaded up with gatherings to join in. Furthermore, a significant number of these gatherings are remote these days. What’s more, this is not really an awful thing. This kind of meeting regularly spares the organization’s time, cash, and natural effect. It’s dependent upon you to make your videocalls as gainful and drawing in as could be expected under the circumstances.

Remote work requires better gathering cleanliness. By setting up a couple of structures, you can run increasingly successful remote gatherings, saving time and making everybody only somewhat less crotchety.

In case you’re working remotely on a work area Mac, your iPad, an iPhone or even on another stage, it’s conceivable you’re presently caught in an apparently steady pattern of virtual gatherings. So how might you make these gatherings increasingly powerful and abstain from sitting around idly?


When hosting a video call from your device, look for decent tech for conferencing. Preferably invest in an intuitive, straightforward  UC&C solution that works with your AV peripherals (webcam, soundbar,etc.) and is easily accessible via a user-friendly interface. When you host a meeting from the office meeting room.


Virtual meetings should be as structured as regular meetings. Meeting basics are the same for both. Set up an agenda and clear objectives to be able to focus on desired outcomes & results. Define topics upfront and assign speakers to each topic. Have a decent follow-up afterward (e.g. why not send out a shortlist of action points or a summary ?). Distribute internal rules and stick to them. Assigning clear meeting roles could work for your team calls too. With a timekeeper keeping track of time, a moderator leading the discussion, and a recorder taking notes, things go smoothly, even from a distance.


You’re working at home and it’s likely some of your colleagues are also juggling work and child-care responsibilities. This makes it inevitable people may be interrupted during the meeting. The best approach is to avoid being judgmental about this, or about people’s interior design.

It’s also important to consider how the lack of non-verbal body language cues can influence a person’s understanding of what is being discussed.


Test your tech upfront and integrate solutions like screen sharing, recording options, chat, whiteboarding, raising your hand… in the meeting flow. Even remote participants can actively take part then. Did you know you can use messaging, chat functions, and break-out rooms in some UC&C solutions? These come in very handy when having online brainstorms or interactive get-togethers. Use polling and voting when you are addressing larger audiences to raise the level of engagement and create active participation.


When a meeting is about to start, you can physically fetch a straggling colleague in an office, but for remote meetings, messages may go ignored if someone is really focused. There’s also no physical cue of a meeting ending, like another person walking into the conference room to use it or even just looking around the room to see if anyone else has something to say.

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