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Update AV Technology At Government Entity

Government operations require secure collaboration solutions.

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The old adage “Close enough for government work” is a cheeky way to justify results that almost hit the mark. But when it comes to audiovisual technology solutions, many government agencies don’t come close to having the capabilities they need. That can end up costing governments—and citizens—a lot of money.

The catch is, updating outdated AV is also an expensive proposition, and government agencies and organizations may struggle to find the necessary funding in their year-to-year-budgeting cycle. However, strategic updates to government AV can improve processes and create better experiences for citizens, making government organizations and entities more effective in the long run.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing solutions can be as simple as a camera, display, microphone, speaker, and web-based conferencing application like Skype or Zoom. Even simple systems can connect employees in multiple locations while reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming travel. Video conferencing systems can also easily connect government agencies to citizens through virtual town halls and other similar events.

Live streaming

Many government agencies and entities have a requirement to make all their meetings accessible to the public, but not every member of the public can easily get to where those meetings are taking place. Live streaming allows citizens to participate in public meetings from wherever they are; the same technology also allows meetings to be recorded and viewed later.

Wireless presentation

Wireless presentation systems allow places like libraries, city council chambers, and public schools and universities to offer professional-grade presentation capabilities without the added cost and hassle of cables, connectors, and adapters. Wireless presentation systems are also compatible with any personal device, including smartphones and tablets, making them easy for just about anyone to use.

Assistive listening

Making sure every participant can hear meetings and other proceedings clearly is another part of making government inclusive—and complying with legal accessibility requirements. Hearing loop systems are a low-maintenance, high-impact way to make the audio available to everyone.

Secure systems

Security isn’t only a concern for individuals and enterprises. Government entities often handle classified information or operate mission-critical command and control centers. Prioritizing AV solutions with professional security features and constant monitoring support will help protect sensitive information and predict, prevent, and resolve system issues with greater speed and accuracy.

Customer Experience

The government has customers just like the private sector does, and their experience should matter. Government agencies of any size can use AV technology solutions such as interactive digital signage and digital message boards to provide easy access to timely information. Updated AV can also help government organizations connect with citizens through methods such as streaming town hall meetings and other public forums.

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