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Why BYOD System

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD);Increased productivity and reduced costs.

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By encouraging your employees to use their own devices for corporate and official purposes, companies can save a lot of money. You will not have to buy an expensive smartphone for the employee, which they are anyways going to buy themselves. Also, you can choose to pay / not pay / partly pay for the usage of the device and services. Computer labs are expensive and costly to replace. BYOD eases the demand imposed on schools. It allows the most effective use of most recent technologies in the classroom since students replace the technology themselves.

More Productivity

Employers need to be ready to allow employees to access work-related information via their smartphones, which could mean integrating appropriate social media platforms and groups while allowing online learning to be completed through personal mobile devices. In the recent times, many types of research have been done on BYOD. It has been found that a significantly large number of organizations have already adopted BYOD and have seen a noteworthy increase in their employee’s productivity. When employees have the same device for personal and professional use, they tend to spend some time working at home as well.So, allowing BYOD of smartphones to work could be critical for increasing productivity and performance.

Collaborate Online

We are becoming more social virtually and less social in person, and predictions show this trend will continue. The preference to collaborate online in partnership with BYOD could increase productivity, allowing discussion and brainstorming beyond work hours when many people have their creative peak.True collaboration puts an end to messy back and forth. Multiple users can simultaneously annotate, illustrate, and edit shared documents. They can then save and share those files to one or all participants instantly; everyone walks away from the meeting with actionable items taken care of in real time.

No Video Stuttering

You get real-time HD video, uninterrupted by the glitches and lags that you experience with products that use “screen scrapping” technology to send video over Wi-Fi. VIA lets you stream video up to 1080p resolution at up to 60 fps.

Manageable Strategy

Connect any HDMI source to the unit and use it as your main display. This allows you to commandeer the nicest display in the room as the main display. You can also connect and share your own devices wirelessly, and with true mobile mirroring of your iOS device, this means that whatever you have on your iPhone can now be shared with colleagues.For those who fear devices for the potential of rule bending, BYOD provides new learning opportunities. Educators can teach technology etiquette and ethics, which is becoming increasingly necessary. BYOD can be managed like any other resource in the classroom.

Future of the Enterprise

The advantages of BYOD are beginning to outweigh the risks and a sound BYOD policy can help provide the rules and guidelines.The safety issues that concern your decision for implementing a BYOD-friendly enterprise can be tackled by creating intelligent BYOD policy that secures your organization’s data. Also, creating a BYOD training program to show employees how they can BYOD safely help your business in long run.

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