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Closed-off meeting areas play an important role in workplace functions. They provide privacy, accommodations for larger groups, and isolation from an otherwise buzzing office environment. Like any other facet of facilities, these vital spaces need proper oversight and management. Good conference room management ensures employees use these spaces as intended. Without some form of management, conference rooms might be unavailable or improperly utilized, causing bigger disruptions to the workforce.

Need A Calendar System

It doesn’t make sense to have someone spend their valuable time manually handling room reservations,updates and cancellations. Applications like Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar let everyone in your organization see availability and book rooms in the software with a few clicks.

User Friendly

Make your event organizers as sufficient as possible with some basic guidelines.Booking space should seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve all been frustrated when booked rooms sit empty. Make sure people know how to handle canceled meetings in your app, and that they aren’t using your largest meeting room for a two-person chat when smaller rooms are available.

Amenities In Your Room

Advertise your room assets by showing a photo of each room, along with details like seating capacity , furniture and audiovisual tools online or in your policies so people can choose  the best space for their needs. If you have an activity -based workplace, be sure to show which areas are quiet zones or for privacy.

Meetings On Screen

Nothing is more frustrating than arriving just prior to a function and being unable to find it due to lack of adequate directions. Use digital signs at entryways and in lobbies to show your event schedule with room names and start times to improve the attendee experience.

Use Room Signs

If you’re looking for your meeting, or looking for a place to meet, digital room signs can help. These small screens outside your shared spaces can display that room’s schedule for the day so people know they’re in the right place at the right time. Some allow you to book rooms at the sign, and affordable e-paper signs are a great option for hoteling spaces.

Cancellation Feature

With plenty of notice, you’ll probably want to cancel meetings in your app. But if a meeting cancels at the last minute, consider modifying the name instead. This can be a good way to get the attention of attendees who may not have checked their email before showing up to the room.

Send Reminders

Everyone is busy and may not have tomorrow’s meeting schedule memorized. Setting up email or calendar reminders for events can help keep both organizers and attendees on track. Location and start time details help everyone to be on time, or someone might realize they need to reschedule once they get the reminder.

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