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Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition

The Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition is a one-touch collaboration software that ties together everything you need for a meeting into one compact, easy to use software.

Quicklaunch Ultimate in UAE – Overview

Quick Launch UE (Ultimate Edition) is a software designed for meeting room efficiency. Essentially Quick Launch Ultimate Edition provides a meeting room dashboard with essential time-saving integrations for calendaring, video conferencing and application launching. Quick Launch provides a “one-touch” experience for joining scheduled meetings. running applications, accessing data, and organizing your business intelligence assets. The ultimate edition adds calendar integration for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 allowing your organization to schedule meetings from anywhere in the world! The Ultimate Edition adds functionality for group emails, launching ad-hoc meetings, and even scheduling meetings right from the conference room’s dedicated PC.

Quicklaunch Ultimate in UAE – Features

Consistent User Experience

Quicklaunch provides a consistent experience for your meeting rooms that is incredibly easy to use, saving you time, and increasing your productivity. Easily switch between the persistent toolbar and desktop view with customized and tiered buttons. The work space is always ready to go when you are. Always in the state you expect with your organization’s look and feel.

Safe, Secure and Manageable

For IT departments, it reduces training and support costs by providing a secure and manageable interface. Best of all, Quicklaunch is built with security in mind. Unlike meeting room applications that unknowingly leave behind temporary files with sensitive data. Quicklaunch UE keeps your confidential data secure with the “˜Room Reset’ feature that restores meeting room devices to a clean slate, and deletes all sensitive data before the next group meets. Quicklaunch also has an optional “˜Kiosk’ mode to lock-down your Quicklaunch device and protect it against unwanted changes.

Enhance Productivity Inspire Innovation

Quicklaunch was designed to simplify the complicated collaboration experience. Quicklaunch is an easy to use, “˜one-click’/’one-touch’ customizable application to join meetings, start applications, access data, play media, showcase your organization’s content, and more. It’s everything you need for an end to end better meetings in one application.

Quicklaunch Ultimate in UAE – Specifications

Everything in Standard Edition and Professional Edition Plus…

  • Calendar View
    • Book Now
    • Group Email
    • Add Participants
    • New – Join Meeting Constraints
  • Skype for Business Integration
    • Meet Now, Whiteboard, Dialpad
  • Room Reset
    • Custom Pre/Post Reset Batch Files
  • Broadcast Message
  • Change User
  • RS232/IP Controls

OfficePlus LLC is the authorized distributor and sales partner for Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition in UAE. Our customers in the UAE are also informed of the latest product launches from Quicklaunch.

Our Customers can also experience the Quicklaunch demonstration by calling into our full-fledged demo center.

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