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At OfficePlus we are pleased to represent ClearOne the leading global provider of audio conferencing solutions. The reliability, flexibility and performance of ClearOne's comprehensive solutions save organizations time and money by creating natural environments for effective and efficient personal and group communication. ClearOne products are suitable for a wide range of environments ranging from professional audioconferencing to premium audioconferencing to tabletop audioconferencing to personal audioconferencing. As an official dealer of ClearOne we have helped our corporate customer base in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to enhance collaboration, presentation, distance communications and multimedia experience.

ClearOne dominates the professional conferencing space with over 54% global market share and is a pioneer in audio conferencing technologies. We have developed a broad portfolio of award-winning products that benefit from our innovative leadership in areas such as distributed echo cancellation, automatic microphone mixing, signal routing, equalization, automatic level control, compression, and other advanced audio processing functions.

OfficePlus is the authorized partner of ClearOne for the UAE. Our installed base of customer spans across key verticals like HealthCare, Finance, Oil & Gas, Government, Education etc. This is hardly surprising because as an certified reseller of ClearOne our customers are assured of great support and access to the entire product portfolio. The dedicated team at OfficePlus has over a decade's experience in serving the audio conferencing industry. At OfficePlus we truly understand the challenge of making communication transparent and seamless so that our customers can focus on the business and not the underlying technology.

At OfficePlus we stand committed to providing the highest quality hands-free audio for any environment, analog or VoIP, from personal conferencing on PCs and cell phones, to office desktop conferencing, to large professional conferencing venues such as boardrooms, training centers, meeting rooms, courtrooms and auditoriums. 

As a certified reseller of ClearOne our customers are assured of great support, right from product demonstration, installation and ongoing support. So whether your requirement is to enhance the next skype call, Microsoft OCS call, Microsoft Lync Unified Communication call, integration with enterprise telephony systems of Cisco, Nortel or Avaya or use within webconferencing applications like LiveMeeting, Sametime, and WebEx do send in your enquiry at ClearOne@OfficePlusUAE.com. We can surely enhance and simplify your next audio conference meeting.