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The perfect solution for all your meeting room signage needs. Digital Displays show Office 365/Exchange Outlook or Google Calendar upcoming meetings 100% automatically. Displays can show the room name or number, availability, and booking status right at the door. Avoid booking conflicts by clearly identifying occupied and vacant rooms. Empower employees to be more productive with Mobile, our intuitive feature-packed mobile application.

Search and book meeting rooms, control devices, and report incidents from anywhere, without needing to be on the company network. For a dynamic office where people are always on the move, being tied down to your computer is the last thing that you want when looking for a meeting room. Whether you run it in interactive or non-interactive mode, you are always in the know about which rooms are available and their schedule.

Get notified through email when you book meetings. Email alerts keep you on top of things for tasks like approval of requests and reminders. Control each device from a central administration module. Customize each device to suit the needs of the room and the theme of your office.

Evoko Meeting Room Manager

A room booking system is more than just a list of features. We believe it must be simple to use and look sublime in any office. Created by our award-winning design and development team, the Evoko has an intuitive lighting system that guides you to the right room. There is also a proximity sensor that displays relevant information as you approach the screen.

As we build both the hardware and software, we can guarantee the best in class quality, security, and functionality. This, paired with a seamless set-up process and our trademark intuitive interface, offers next-generation simplicity.

Recommended Models

Evoko Liso | Evoko Naso | Evoko room manager

Roomz Meeting Room Display Tablet

Smart working environments, desk-sharing models or home office options: These modern types of work pose new challenges to the facility management concerning the optimal use of buildings. The trend of an agile workplace – from private and fixed to shared and flexible rooms – requires a dynamic and information-based workplace management.

Using rooms more effectively – and making them available during idle times, for example as co-working spaces or retreats for spontaneous meetings -, optimizing internal processes and creating comfort for guests: ROOMZ products with their signage solutions meet the requirements of the agile and smart workplace concept of the future without any great installation effort.

The simple and sustainable usability is also reflected in the runtime, as the displays run for two to four years, depending on how they are used.

Reserva Edge Meeting Room Display Screen

Book meeting rooms more efficiently with our compact digital meeting room signs, dynamically linked to your calendaring system. Interactive meeting room bookings dynamically link to your calendar / timetabling system.

Reserva room signage clearly shows the current status of a meeting or conference room along with a summary of information about current and upcoming meetings. Meeting rooms can easily be booked, extended/shortened and reservations cancelled from the interactive touchscreen.  Check-in functionality also helps manage ‘no show’ and improve workspace utilization.

Recommended Models

Reserva Edge Room signs | 2nd gen Room signs

ViewSonic Room Signage

Digital room signs allow you to manage conference room bookings at your facility simply and conveniently using an already existing schedule. Hotel digital signage Digital room boards Scrolling informational kiosk Room Signage. Meeting rooms and conference halls are a valuable commodity within most hotels.

Audience™.calendar, meeting room display solution, provides instant confirmation of room status in public areas and is easily updated via Microsoft or Google calendars.

An important feature of Audience™.calendar is the ability to share information across a network with a variety of displays throughout the facility including the main lobby, elevator waiting areas, exits, entrances, and outside individual meeting rooms.

Recommended Models

EP5520 | EP5520T | EP5540 | EP5540T

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